Welcome Home

Welcome to my Real Estate Site, New Beginning Realty. Moving, either into a home or out of a home, or both is a very stressful process. I am here to make that process easier, smoother, and help you keep some of your hard-earned money!

All along as a Realtor, my clients have come first. I have been a Realtor in WI for 12 yrs. During this time I have taken care of my clients in the best possible way. My clients are my priority, not how big my bank account is.

I had started out in other, larger real estate firms in Madison, but I wanted to give my clients more. That’s when I decided to venture out. My broker is HomeWire, in Waukesha. I am the only agent in Dane County with the firm. By being with HomeWire, I have the flexibility with my commission…so I can pass that savings on to you and your family.

I will continue to guide and take care of my clients in the best possible way. Just take a look at a few testimonials!

Heidi Kelley
Real Estate Agent
HomeWire Realtor Brokerage